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Genuine Parts for Brown Products

Here you'll find genuine replacement parts for all Brown Products including TrenchMasters, Bed edgers, Bed Redefiners, Blower-Vacs, Brush cutters, etc. We dare to say that the parts search and ordering tools we offer here are the best you'll find anywhere on the internet.

Find your Brown equipment model below, then follow the link to the diagrams and parts lists for that model.

Find your Brown Products model below.

Brown Products BedEdger

BedEdger Models

The Brown Products BedEdger is a solid yet maneuverable machine. Thanks to its ability to function with different types of rotors, it can be used for many types of landscaping or trenching work.

Brown Products BedEdger Bantam

BedEdger Bantam Models

The Bantam BedEdger is a lighter version of the BedEdger. While it has the same functional design of the BedEdger, the Bantam offers extra maneuverability for garden bed edging and redefining. Like the BedEdger you can precisely control results by selecting the rotor of your choice.

Brown Products BedEdger Bantam Mole

BedEdger Bantam Mole Models

The BedEdger Bantam Mole machines are BedEdgers with special features for digging a narrow trench for wire, laying the wire, and then covering the trench. These enormous time savers are quite easy to operate.

Brown Products Blower-Vac

Blower-Vac Models

The Brown Products Blower-vacs is a heavy-duty stand-on blower. With a good set of optional attachments, the blower-vac's versatility extends to aeration, blowing, vacuuming, debris truck loading and more.

Brown Products Praire Bull Brushcutter

BrushOx Models

The Brown BrushOx is a rugged brush mower with hydrostatic drive and all the design features you need to cut through thick brush safely.

Brown Products EdgeMaster

EdgeMaster Models

The EdgeMaster is designed for edging existing garden beds. The design features a very sturdy steel frame, large long-lasting bearings, and adjustable blade depth.

Brown Products ReDefiner

ReDefiner Models

The Brown Bed ReDefiner excels at cutting a new, clean edge around previously edged beds. It's well-designed to be tough yet lightweight easy to transport with its folding handle. The ReDefiner sharpens up a landscaping job with amazing speed!

Brown Products TrenchMaster

TrenchMaster Models

The TrenchMaster is powerful, durable, and easy-to-manage trench digger. It's designed to work hard while damaging the surrounding turf as little as possible. You can choose from a wide range of digging rotors for the TrenchMaster, including rotors for clay soil or rocky soil, rain drain rotors, stump griding rotors, and more.

Brown Products WireMaster Mole

WireMaster Mole Models

The WireMaster Mole is Brown Product's specially designed machine for installing underground low voltage wire and invisible dog fence. With the same frame as the BedEdger Bantam, the Mole is capable of cutting the wire trench, placing the wire, and closing in the trench again all in one pass.

brown rotor catalog

We have Rock Rotors, Clay Rotors, Stump Master Rotors, Rain Drain Rotors, Curbing Rotors, Root Pruner Rotors, Bed Master Rotors and Redefining Rotors.